Using the Transformative Power of Mentoring to Groom a Generation of Revolutionary Leaders and Entrepreneurs. 

Behind every successful story is a fantastic mentor. Even people that claim to be self-made have someone that was present earlier on to set them on the right path. These people can be the magic ingredient your business or your career needs to thrive, the person who tells you to keep at it when you’re at your lowest point or just someone who gives you the right advice at an opportune time. Mentors can make a profound difference in the lives of their mentees and in turn, lead to the growth and strengthening of our country at large. It is based on the foundation of the above mentioned and the principle that success comes to those who have become success conscious that The Mentorship Class is what it is today. 


  1. To help the youth identify their purpose, dreams and goals as well as work on how to achieve them.
  2. To expose the youth to an exclusive style of work, creativity and innovation to enable them impact and transform society in a positive way.
  3. To get successful people in the country into mentoring the next generation of young leaders.
  4. To instill a culture of integrity, ethical leadership and financial awareness among the youth.


  1. Excellence: We are committed to excellence, not just in the service we offer to the young people but also in ensuring that these young people live as excellent individuals.
  2. Making a positive difference: We create Global impact by helping others make a difference in their spheres of influence.
  3. Integrity: Acting with, speaking with and modeling honesty is not optional or situational because integrity is a foundation for good leadership.
  4. Family & Community: We are family based and community developing because we believe that a rising tide lifts all boats.


Among many other things, Andrew and Janet Bugembe have always shared a passion for mentoring young people. In 2017, Janet assisted a team of Senior six (6) vacationists to carry out a marketing campaign in one of the financial institutions. However, on completion, Janet felt the need to do more with the 20 girls she had worked with. Therefore, she asked them to meet every Monday and simply study the book titled, “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. The activity list was further enriched through inviting successful friends from all walks of life to share their story with the girls. Not too long, the girls had invited their friends, boys were welcomed and joined, and a class was formed. Since then the lessons learnt have been consolidated to conceive The Mentorship Class. 

Andrew Bugembe – Founder

Andrew is a graduate of Electrical Engineering and Law. He is a tax consultant, an expert in business development and marketing and has built businesses and nurtured leaders in seven countries on the African continent. He is a leadership coach who focuses on guiding people through their personal growth and development and has impacted over 200,000 youth just by sharing his story.

Janet Bugembe – Founder

Janet is a banker by profession, an entrepreneur and a trainer in financial literacy and leadership. She is the youth coordinator of Business Professional Women (BPW) and serves on different boards including Uganda Aviation School, Victoria Motors Limited, Palle Moeller Foundation, to mention a few. Among many other achievements, she has been recognized in the New Vision’s 2017 Top 40 under 40 and was also one of the judges selected by New Vision in the 2019 Top 40 under 40.