Successful and inspirational personalities from all walks of life are invited to share and inspire the mentees through sharing their story in line with a rich mentee-based curriculum. From our core focuses, we look at different topics such as; Etiquette, Public Speaking, Self-Awareness, Life Skills, etc. 

The mentees are taken through critical and intensive study of key books like, “Think and Grow Rich” authored by Napoleon Hill. The mentees are required to read these books individually and thereafter work together in the allocated groups to present to the class the key lessons from each chapter. The mentees are further tasked to demonstrate how they will apply the principles learned.

“The Concept of Visualization”:  This concept requires a person to first identify the dreams they want to achieve in their lifetime and then find corresponding pictures from magazines and newspapers of the most important or biggest dreams, for compiling on a chart (i.e. manila chart or otherwise). This pictorial assembling of the dreams on a chart provides a visible daily reflection and reminder of the journey to be covered and entices scientific neuro-activity in a person’s brain to enhance the magnitude of daily effort in this long-term journey towards the dreams. This output is a lifetime reference to guide each mentee’s life journey beyond The Mentorship Class.

The last Wednesday of each of the six months, is the Project Day, where each mentee practically showcases what he or she has learnt during the entire month. We also hold mock interviews, debates, Public speaking sessions, and other learning activities. 

The mentees are divided into groups of five to eight, of which each group is allocated a coach who closely follows and guides each mentee in the group. TMC Alumni members take on the role of coaching. 

At the end of the six months of this training experience, a Grand Finale event is organized to mark the graduation of these renewed and determined individuals. A magazine for the year is also published by the young people.