TMC Alumni Association

As The Mentorship Class Alumni Association, we believe that mentorship is a life journey which doesn’t only stop at six months. A journey where one keeps learning as they run their businesses, ventures, or pursues their dream in life. We are a mastermind of mentored leaders and entrepreneurs who use our platform to strengthen the values and lessons we have acquired through The Mentorship Class.

The TMC Alumni Association offers personal development to its members through organizing events, book clubs, rewinds, and personalized consulting.

Networking events with our mentors

We meet up with renowned guest speakers to network and learn attributes that made them successful today in life. This provides support to our alumni when we interact with these successful entrepreneurs from different circles of life like for example we once hosted Mr. Ricky Rapa Thomson the Co-Founder and Director of Operations at SafeBoda and Mr. Anorld Muggaga The winner of the Total Start Upper Challenge 2019 for “The Hustle is Real “2019 event.

Impact tracking

Each month we post an alumni video on The Mentorship Class YouTube Channel sharing about the remarkable work they are doing outside the class. As an association, we keep in contact with our alumni to ensure that we record their success stories of growth as we observe the impact of the class. The impact stories give us drive as a cohesive whole to keep moving forward as we aspire to become great people and game-changers.

Book Club

At the beginning of each year, we choose 12 books in line with our values chosen by the Book Club Lead who conducts a survey from the community to consider recommended books. These books are spread and chosen out per month.